Sin City SlaughterFest presents

To Violently Vomit

Kill Everything, Putrid Pile, Incinerate, Sanguisugabogg, Animals Killing People

Backstage Bar and BilliardsLas VegasNV
$35.00 - $70.00
Ages 21+
Welcome to the NEW Sin City Slaughterfest! presents Sin City Slaughterfest 2020! Bringing the most brutal acts to you live in fabulous Las Vegas! Sick death metal from Skeletal Remains, To Violently Vomit, Unmerciful, Condemned, Kill Everything, Limbsplitter, Putrid Pile, Atoll, Incinerate, Sanguisugabogg, Depulsed, Animals Killing People, Implements of Hell, Embodiment, Cheese Grater Masturbation, Euphoric Defilement!

Venue Information:
Backstage Bar and Billiards
601 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV